All you need to know about Car Wax!

Waxing and polishing your car are two things which help you maintain the life of your car and at the same time is a cost effective way to preserve it for longer. It might seem to be quite a task to wax your car through the day, but the end result will definitely be worth all the effort and time.

If you do it right, you won’t have to spend those extra dollars at the garage and still have that professional streak to your car. Also, when you clean it yourself, the satisfaction remains.

Here are a few things you might want to add on your to do list while waxing and polishing your car!

Positive Prep

Preparation here is to simply wax your car when it is tidy and clean, which means no old wax over the surface. You can use products meant specifically for this purpose as it shall do away with all the layers of accumulated dirty wax. This will give your process a good start and of course, the end product would be worth all the extra work. Also check best wheeler cleaner.

Thin Film of Wax

The thinner the better it is. Isn’t it? It is the best to apply the thinnest layer of wax as it will be easier to remove it. This will help you work with the wax more efficiently and all you need to do is keep burnishing it until it’s barely visible.

More than one layer of wax

It is feasible to apply more than one coat, but thin ones only. What you can do is apply the first layer, let it dry, buff it and then repeat. Also, you can apply the second coat right after the first is cured and buff both of them together when dry.

The cleaning cloth

Make sure you are using microfiber cloth to buff or else you will end up leaving spots behind. Microfiber cloth on the other hand is feasible to be used as it works it up right for you; make sure you it is clean and tidy as well.

Removing the Wax

You need to be very careful while doing the work. If you apply extra wax or if you over do it, the removal will be a very difficult task for you. What you can do in most of the situations is simply apply another layer of wax quickly and as you remove it the messed up layer will also come out of it.

Waxing your vehicle at first might seem to be a huge task, but lets agree to it, it will be equally rewarding as well. do not forget to check out guide about Best car Wax.


Apple making major modifications in the upcoming iOS 10 update.

The WWDC 2016 is just right around the corner and smartphone giants are gearing up for the event and assembling all the things that they will be announcing or showcasing. Speaking of, Apple is not far behind in making a huge announcement in this WWDC as the company will be announcing the next update for its operating system, the iOS 10.

Fans are expecting a lot of things this time from Apple as they will be announcing the iPhone 7 later in this year and the new iPhone 7 will not be based on the underpinnings of the iPhone 6 or 6S, hence flaunting a better design and hardware. To match that level, Apple is going to go bonkers over the iOS 10 and if we go through the rumors, we would say it’s a job done!

Dark Mode Introduction

Apple might go with an AMOLED Screen for the iPhone 7, but this might not be great news for few as AMOLED displays consume a lot of power to operate and Apple phones have a history of not lasting long in terms of battery power. So, what Apple engineers have done is create a dark mode in the iOS 10 beta. AMOLED Screen uses less power when there is more display of black rather than whites. So dark mode will save your juice by 10 to 15% and you can also use Apple’s Battery saver which was introduced in the iOS 9 to save more energy.

Split Screen Support

iPad (2015) was launched with the split screen support in which users could run two applications simultaneously on one screen at the same time. Well, the split screen feature is also coming to the iOS 10 as well and it will be a joy to work on big screens like iPhone 6S PLUS and iPhone 6 PLUS but the latest launch, the iPhone SE might not be that good as its big brothers in terms of split screen experience.


Siri, Even Better and More Useful

Siri was the first ever voice assisted service to have ever included in a smartphone and now, Siri is the least useful one. Well, it is not like Siri doesn’t work, but Google Now works even better. So Apple is bringing their drawing boards out and putting Siri back in the hardware mode to make it even better. Apple is allowing third party apps to access some parts of Siri to give a better experience to its users which is a great thing. This way, we will also be able to see more amazing stuff coming out from Siri.

Home Screen and Control Center Customization

Users will now be able to place their favorite applications shortcuts on the home screen and lock screen, providing them a better access to their favorite applications. Rumors also suggest that this feature will also allow users to put the shortcuts of their favorite apps in the control center as well. Earlier, the control center only had few buttons like Wifi, Bluetooth, Location, Torch and etc.


Euro 2016 match schedule, dates, teams, venue and time details

The UEFA Euro cup 2016 will be the 15th edition of the game which will be held in France this year. For the first time in the history of football, the game will be contested by 24 teams. The new format which has been adopted since 1996 entails the finalist teams to be divided into 6 groups of 4 different teams. The knockout stage which is to follow this division will include three rounds and the grand finale. The bidding process for the selection of the host nation took place in May, 2010. France has already claimed the champion’s title in Euro Cup twice before in 1984 and 2000.


Among the 24 participating countries this year, there will be 3 from the British Isles; England, Wales and northern Wales will be competing with other European nations for the champion’s trophy. The first game is scheduled on 10 June, 2016 and it is to be played between France and Romania. However, defending the champion’s title for Spain may become really difficult this dear owing to the absence of Xabi Alonso, Andres Iniesta and Xavi from the national team.

The main bids are on Italy who were defeated by Spain last year in the final round of Euro. Germany has a power packed lineup which puts serious threat to Spain’s form and chances at the championship in 2016. Belgium is well prepped this year and their first match has been scheduled against Italy on 13 June 2016. Group E which comprises of Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and Italy have been dubbed the “Group of Death” owing to their reputation and previous performance.

2016 is a special year since quite a number of teams are coming back to the international football scene. Teams like Hungary, Turkey, Australia and Albania have made their way back to the cup and they might pack a surprise punch when it comes to gameplay and on field performance.

Round of 16 starts from 25 June and will be played between the Runner up of Group A and the Runner up of Group C. the Round of 16 continues till 27 June following which the Winner of Match 1 plays the Winner of Match 2 in the first match of the Quarter Finals. The Quarter Finals have been scheduled from the 30th of June 2016 and will go on till 3 July, 2016. Semi finals will tentatively be held on 6 and 7 July 2016. And the winning teams move on to compete with each other for the finals. The final match will be held on 10 July 2016 at the Stade de France, Saint Denis. check out full Euro Cup 2016 Schedule here.

The scheduling was under serious threat this year after France suffered from several terrorist attacks in 2015 thus crippling the normal flow of life and daily activities. However as the dates of the events edge forward the country is tightening her global security measures and football enthusiasts have been seen to flock in thousands from all parts of the world.

How to get Snapchat for Windows 10

This is for the ultimate fans of Snapchat!

I have spend most of my free time on Snapchat, this application is really very addictive. The most attractive feature given by Snapchat is snapchat itself. It’s one of the best application in its own category.

snapchat logo

Though, people really enjoy this app via their smartphones, there is one thing that really frustrates them .i.e. Like other application, why is it not available for PC or Mac. Well, let me tell you all, Snapchat is available for PC or Mac users, It’s just that you will not find it on any particular website or play store. This means that you can always download Snapchat through Emulators.


There are plenty of emulators that allow you to download application on your PC very easily. I can share the best ones with you but you have to do some extra work for it. So, if you are ready then let’s go for it :-


  1. Bluestacks – Bluestack is an emulator that allows you to create an android environment on your PC so that, you can easily download any Android application on your computer.
  2. Andyroid – Andyroid is a great emulator that is really lightweight on your PC memory. The best thing about it is that it updates your applications and software by itself, you don’t have to do it manually. And of course, it is totally free to use.
  3. Manymo – Why I have kept it in my list, is only because of one reason and that is, it is an online emulator. Users don’t have to download it, they can use it online and download almost any application. The only caveat is its price. People step back after listening to the pricing. That is why I’ll prefer you to use Bluestack and Andyroid.

There are some norms that should be kept in mind while downloading these emulators :-

Please remember to update your graphic driver before downloading them. Otherwise, your PC will keep crashing. As well as update windows regularly to get a better and updated version of the emulators. I hope that is OK !

Steps to download Snapchat on PC or Mac –

Step 1 – Download any of the emulators.

Step 2 – run them properly and find Google Play Store on it.

Step 3 –  Now you can download almost all the applications

I hope this works for you. I would request you to please download emulator on your PC with some elder person near you. For any query or suggestion, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you !


5 Changes in FIFA 17

5 teams that need adding to FIFA 17

FIFA by EA Sports is definitely one of the most played video sport games in the world. The Videogame developer company is now planning to launch the latest version of its gaming software, which is FIFA 17. As per last version, FIFA video game already has world’s most popular football teams in it. Now as the seventeen version of the game is about to unfold, let’s see which 5 teams most deserve to be added to FIFA 17.

5 Changes in FIFA 17

5 teams that need adding to FIFA 17

Glasgow Rangers

Rangers Football Club is definitely one of the most deserving ones to be in the latest version of the FIFA World cup video game. Glasgow Rangers were dropped from the last version of the game because of a licensing disagreement. But now, they are most likely to be returned to entertain football fans all over the world. Rangers Football Club is commonly known as Glasgow Rangers as it is based in Glasgow, Scotland. The team professionally plays in the Scottish Championship. The blue half of Glasgow definitely needs to return to the game to increase the user base.

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San Marino

San Marino has not been a very popular and successful football teams, but it has its own user base that wants it to be added to the latest FIFA online game. Most of the fans want to see their team in the FIFA 17 video game. Even some campaigns are being run by fans in support of their request. You can find them on social media using hashtag #SanMarinoEnFIFA17 as well on some petition sites. FIFA is being requested to add the team in the new edition of the world cup.

Maccabi Tel Aviv

Maccabi Tel Aviv is an Israeli football club that has been 22-time champions. The team has already been added into the current Pro Evolution Soccer (PEC) as a free DLC team, but has still been avoided from EA sports games. Fans though are expecting FIFA to include their favorite Israeli team in the upcoming version of the video game. This is truly one of the most deserving teams to be in the game this year. The team recently received 380,000 votes to top the most wanted new league voting conducted by a fan.

Chelsea, Arsenal, & Manchester City (ladies)

Since FIFA has already started adding more and more female international football teams in the series, they are expected to add more domestic teams, including Chelsea, Arsenal, & Manchester City female teams in the upcoming FIFA 17. The final decision is as always on the FIFA itself, but if more ladies teams are to be added in the game, these three are the most deserving ones.

Norway, Japan & Cameroon (ladies)

Talking about the female international football teams, Norway, Japan & Cameroon ladies teams also deserve a chance in the next FIFA world cup video game. FIFA 16 already has 12 women’s teams, which is likely to be expanded to include Norway. Since Japan ladies team won the World Cup in 2011, it also holds a chance to be included in the league.

Download KIK For PC: The Best Messenger

Instant messaging is the best thing happened with mobile phones. The niche of instant messengers is really competitive. The app developers always try to come with something unique and interesting in their messengers. Right now, there are plenty of messengers out there. For example, Whatsapp, WeChat and KIK.


In this post, I am gonna talk about KIK only.

KIK Messenger:

Unarguably, KIK is one of the leading instant messengers. Users use it for sending texts instantly. Not just traditional texts, you can also send images, songs, videos and much more using KIK. KIK was specially designed for instant messaging on smart phone. It was first introduced in the year 2009. Within two weeks, over one million users registered for KIK. It pretty clear, KIK was hit right from the start. The simple reason for such popularity and acceptance was instant messaging at that time.


Here I have listed down its premium features:

  • Its interface is user friendly. Anyone can use it easily. It is simple but unique plus elegant at the same time.
  • The unique feature about KIK is web surfing within the application.
  • For using the services of KIK, you must have to register. This way you can get a username and password to login.
  • With email, SMS and social media sites, you can invite your friends to join you at KIK.
  • The messaging with KIK is super instant and easy.
  • You can send many things like images, songs, voice notes, videos and much more with KIK.
  • There are thousands of emoticons to send to your friends for fun.
  • You get instant notifications of sent, read and delivered.
  • It is an open source application and free to use.

How To Download KIK For PC:

Users are enjoying KIK on their smartphones whether iOS or Android for years. Now they are asking for more. The question of using KIK on PC is pretty common.

Here are the simple steps to use KIK on PC:

  • First of all, download the Bluestacks emulator on the PC.
  • Once it is installed, open up the emulator.
  • From search bar, look for “KIK”.
  • From search results, install the KIK.
  • Once it is installed, now you can Login KIK with username and password.

Now enjoy instant messaging with KIK on your PC too.

Showbox for pc

How to Download and Showbox on PC

Showbox is basically an application meant for Smartphones where one can watch movies as well as TV shows for free. Missed out a movie? Not a problem, go to Showbox. Forgot to watch your TV show? Showbox comes to rescue! Hence, the need of having Showbox for PC has been growing rapidly with each passing day for sure.

Showbox for pc

Since Showbox is basically a Smartphone application, there is a kind of procedure that one needs to follow to be able to use it on your PC’s and laptops. In this article, we will tell you how you are supposed to proceed with the same.

Features of Showbox for PC

  • It has a super simple and easy to user interface which lets you watch stuff you wish to.
  • Size of the app is minimal and hence it doesn’t cause any kind of trouble.
  • It doesn’t need you to login or sign up.
  • You can create a list of your favourites.
  • You can sort the list of movies.
  • You can keep a check on your downloads.
  • You can share, watch later as well as customize!

Showbox for PC/Laptop (Windows and Mac OS)

You must know that you need an Android emulator to be able to make an application work on your PC’s and laptop. Bluestacks is the ideal emulator for all the purposes. It is quite simple to download it and it is a merely two step process for installation. (if you haven’t) You simple need to follow the steps stated below in order to successfully download the app on your PC’s and Laptops.

  • First of all, you need to download the apk file for Showbox.
  • Next, you need to open the file with the help of Bluestacks for installation.


  • Visit Bluestacks and you will then see windows open up.
  • Over there, look up for Bluestakcs in the search bar and put it on download.

After having installed the app, click on the app and you can look up for all your Movies and TV shows. It was that simple to download Showbox for PC and Laptops. Technology has indeed made life super easy and simple!

This was all on the application. You can pretty much enjoy the application as it is completely free and as well share stuff with your peers. Showbox has definitely made watching missed out shows and movies a lot easier and handier!

How to hold the Audience’s attention with your video

Holding your audience’s attention is crucial, especially if it’s your job to make videos or animated presentations. Using pictures in your material is one way, but it doesn’t always do the trick, since we’re already attacked by visuals all the time. Here’s what you can do to have the viewers undivided attention.


  1. Use a light background for clips of people talking

If your video has people speaking about something, you want to put a bright background. An all white BG, or maybe in a garden on a sunny day will do the trick. If however, they are talking about a serious topic, or narrating on the negativity of something, the BG is preferably kept grey, dark or with a having light just enough to expose the surface behind the person. People find it easier to pay attention when the thing appears light and jovial.

Read this post to get the in-depth knowledge about using a light background.

  1. Have enough lighting

Whether you’re filming a basket of apples, a person selling apples or an apple tree, you need to have god lighting. Lighting may change according to the mood too. A camera with a good resolution won’t achieve its full potential if you’re using inadequate lighting. Bring more detail into the video with lighting and the audience might just look at it like it is something new and fascinating, even if it is an apple.

  1. Learn good Video Editing

The way your video is narrated and embellished will win or lose you your battle. Have appropriate editing in the correct places. Do not use too many tacky transitions if you’re making a video for presenting at the board meeting. Don’t use morose music in the BG for a friend’s birthday tribute video. Don’t put any png images with fancy boundaries embellishments for a meeting with your start-up’s investors. You can also choose iMovie Software for video editing. It’s a gem of a tool. To learn more about it, see this excellent post on how iMovie works.

  1. Decide a storyline and stick to it

Chart out where each clip or snippet will go. It makes your job easier as a creator/presenter and also makes it easier for the audience to process through. If you’re talking about children starving on Somalia, mention the effects of geography of poverty just before the example, and then have a pic of malnourished children crawl by.

  1. The first 3-7 seconds are your target

The viewer is done forming their impression about your video before you’re even half way through. The first 3-7 seconds should convey the relevancy, uniqueness or fun quotient of your video to the viewer, as necessary. If you succeed, you have a much better chance of the viewer listening to you. Don’t begin with a heap of statistics, unless it is a project on statistics maybe. Begin with an interesting quote, anecdote or maybe even a joke.

Special tip: If you’re making a video for YouTube and want more engagement with the viewers, be as relatable in those first few seconds as you can. People pay attention to what is different, but they like what they find relatable.


Messaging on Apple iWatch:

Apple is the premium tech company that has come with most stylish and great devices. Apple is all about presenting device with great features in simplest way. With Apple devices, dimension of every industry get changed. It can be justified if we take a look upon iMac, iPod or iPhone. Every device has back pack of most innovative specifications.

Apple’s next target was smart watches. Smart watch is the niche that is not touched by most tech companies. As watches are the headache of companies that make watches. Apple knows how to build a device that not only will be used for only one purpose. For example, before iPod no one can ever think that a music device can be used for more than just listening tracks. So Apple did same with smart watch.

apple watch

Apple released its smartwatch named as “Apple iWatch” in first half of year 2015. Tech freaks were looking forward for using this smartwatch. Even most of the people pre ordered this smart watch before its official launch.

Apple iwatch has come with best features that can be expected from intelligent device. The most amazing feature of iwatch its messaging. Yes, just imagine a watch that can be used for sending or receiving the text messages.

While you are wearing this iwatch, you don’t have to take out your iPhone to reply to the text you received. This can be done with this smart watch. Whenever you will receive a text, iwatch will give a gentle tap on your wrist as this smart device came up with taptic technology.

You can check your message with raising your hand towards yourself. You will be surprised by its usability, because lowering your hand means your message will be dismissed.

Now if you really want to reply to your message, then just scroll down with the help of digital crown on the right side of iwatch. Below the message you will find reply button. On tapping the reply button, list of smart short replies will be displaced that are relevant to your message. You can even make your list of short message for future use.

If you want to create new reply, the use dictate button. Yes you don’t have to type a message. Just dictate a message, and you will see two options of “Send as audio message” or “Send as text message”. It’s totally your choice to send an audio message or text message that will be generated by iwatch from your dictated words.


apple music

Apple Music Review

Apple will click in mind, whenever we are talking about revolutionized music. Apple changed the perspective of music decade ago with the release of iPod. Before iPod, no one can ever think of storing thousands of songs in just one single device.

So after a decade, Apple finally decided to come up with something new in music industry. We know Apple has tradition of presenting something that will make this company game changer in specific industry. Apple has launched its new Music app i.e “Apple Music”.

When Apple launches something then it is big deal. But tech and music maniacs were anxiously waiting for this app for two reasons. First reason is that Apple took a lot of time presenting this app. Secondly people are awaiting to see how Apple music will work among its competitors. Like Spotify has released its app seven years ago and doing awesomely great with 75 million active. These figures are extremely great and make Apple little worried about its app.


So let’s start talking about Apple Music. Apple music will cost you $9.99 per month. With this amount you can listen to as many songs on any number of devices you want to. Apple music also offers family package of $14.99. With this package, Apple music can be used by six people. Well pricing is almost same to its competitors. But family package is something that is only offered by Apple music.

Right now, 30 million songs are available in Apple music library. This figure is pretty less than that of itunes. But its competitors are offering same number of tracks in their libraries.

Apple is so smart as it offers same service but little fancy tweaks to make it distinguished. Apple music is not about just listening songs. It is all about learning music in innovative way with suggestion of albums, genres and playlists etc.

Apple music offers six different options showing in bottom of app interface. Yes these six actions make Apple music unique to its competitors.

Firs option named as “For You” is suggesting songs based on your choice. The songs you once listened and forgotten or songs from your favorite artists or new album as per your choice will be included in this section.  “New” section is comprised of tracks from top charts, new bands and artists. Every new upcoming song is gonna be included in New section of Apple music. With “Radio” section you can choose any radio station you want to listen. “Connect” is a social bridge of connecting users with their favorites bands and artists. “My Music” and “Playlists” are the options presented at the last. Here you can find all of songs own by you. This will include all the music from your device or iCloud account.